Double IPA all day.

You’re The Worst is so damn good

Well this beats the hell out of working. (at Ocean Sands)

One of my best friends got married today. Ew.


"Are you feeling fine?" Yes, I feel just fine. [x]

Everything is alright.

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I can’t wait for this


Is it weird that I really, really want this?

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The Thunderbird Inn

I like to pretend that I’m an adult; a functioning one at least.  I clean myself up and drag my already aching body to work every day.  I make shopping lists and pay my bills, I take my shirts to the dry cleaners and RSVP for weddings.  But these days I’m sleeping alone on a sheetless bed because I can’t find the energy to deal with it.  I find myself emotionally vulnerable enough to cry during bad pop-punk songs about high school crushes.  My best relationship is the bartender I see on Friday nights on my way home from work; the one consistent thing these days.  I can’t tell the difference between being twenty-five and being lost anymore.  Maybe there isn’t one.

The new Jenny Lewis record is awesome.  No surprise.

The new Jenny Lewis record is awesome.  No surprise.